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I'm the happy, cheerful lady at the front desk welcoming you to our beautiful biz!

Instagram @vanislebeautybar

Year started at Van Isle Beauty : 2022

Fun Facts About Jessica

How long have you been in the beauty industry?

Since 2022

What service are you most passionate about?

My favourite service to get is our Éminence FACIALS!

What do you love most about working at Van Isle Beauty?

I love working here because of the people I meet and the amazing women I get to work with every day. I also have the opportunity to witness people's transformations.

It is truly rewarding to see individuals come in feeling unwell or lacking confidence, as we all do from time to time. However, after receiving self-care and exceptional services from my beautiful coworkers, they leave feeling beautiful. It's remarkable to see them look in the mirror and smile, regaining their confidence in every aspect of their lives.

What do you enjoy doing on your off time?

In my free time, I love spending quality time with my family and friends. I am primarily occupied with being a hockey mom, driving all over the island to cheer on my boys! It's my favorite activity, and witnessing their success in the sport brings me immense joy.

One product you can't live without?

The product I can't live without? Well, Eminence.  My Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream is everything, and my firm skin Acai moisturizer I use every day and couldn't live without!! My skin has never looked or felt better!

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