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How Does It Work?

Our Beam Light S6 UV LED lamp allows you to cure a unique lash adhesive using UV LED light. As usual, we place the artificial lash on the natural one. The light is operated with a foot pedal and within a maximum of two seconds, the lash adhesive is completely cured. This means there's no need to wait 24-48 hours to wet your lashes!

Whom should the system not be used?

Treatment for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should only proceed after consulting a doctor. If in doubt, it's best to avoid treatment.

Do not use the system if the person receiving treatment has any of the following symptoms in the area where the system's light may shine: abrasions, keloids or unhealed scars, herpes, psoriasis, other infectious or inflammatory skin diseases, fungal infections, wounds, sunburn, neurodermatitis, skin cancer.

The system should not be used if the user or the person being treated has the following conditions:

Epilepsy, polymorphous light dermatosis, photosensitivity, radiation or chemotherapy, hemophilia, or if IPL or laser treatment has been performed in the treatment area within the past 21 days, or if surgical procedures have been performed in the treatment area within the past 3 months.

Do not use the system if the user or the person being treated is taking photosensitizing medication such as neuroleptics, systemic dermatics, antiepileptics, antihistamines, cytotoxic agents, antipsychotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, light-sensitizing agents (PDT), vitamin A derivatives (retinoids), or suffers from lupus erythematosus, photosensitive eczema in the treatment area, or albinism.

What About the Retention?

The lashes last until the natural lash falls out as part of the natural hair growth cycle.

Can Allergies Still occur>

Our experience has demonstrated that 8 out of 10 clients, who previously had an allergy and were unable to wear lashes, have no symptoms with our Beam Light System. This suggests that allergies are no longer a concern for most people.

Despite using a UV LED system, our glue still contains cyanoacrylate. Which can be a leading allergen for some people. During our extensive testing, we found that glues without cyanoacrylate can be made but they tend to perform poorly. Their curing process is more difficult and slower, and the room would need to be significantly darkened to prevent the glue dot from curing immediately.

However, in rare instances, allergies can occur in extremely sensitive customers. So while our system can't guarantee being "allergy-free", it has proven highly effective for many female customers!

Why is our Beam Light safe for your eyes and skin?

It’s not an UV lamp, it’s an UV LED lamp. It doesn’t tan your skin.

✅ We are operating on a special wavelength of 395nm.

✅ We are using a certified UV Eyelash Glue and NOT a resin or gel.

✅ Our lamp has 6x less power than an average lamp with 36W for curing gel nails and 1000x less power than a professional solarium which often has 5000W.

✅ The exposure time is extremely short. If we calculate with an average curing time of 1.5 seconds per lash, this means, for example, with 100 applied lashes, a complete exposure time of 1.5*100 = 150 seconds = 2.5 minutes. Tanning beds have a exposure time of 20 minutes or more, nail lamps also, often even more.

✅ Did you know that LED UV light with the same working principle like ours has been used in medicine and dentistry for two decades? In dentistry, for example, it is used to apply plastic fillings in the tooth.

✅ Many people believe that the word UV means that there is automatically damage to the eyesight or skin. This is wrong.

✅ Each device must be evaluated individually. Exposure time, wavelength and illuminance must be examined.

✅ This is what we have done. On our website under the category “Certificates” we prove that our device is safe and can be used without hesitation. Our device is CE certified, FCC certified, ROHS certified and DIN EN 62471 certified.

✅ The DIN EN 62471 test is a standardised test used worldwide to measure the photobiological effects of luminaires on the skin and eye.

✅ Our system has passed this test.

Ingredients In the lash glue

Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Sodium stearate, Photoinitiator.

Beam Light UV Certificates and Test Reports

You can find all the reports and certificates here on Beam Light Lashes

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